Monday, August 29, 2011


Wow, I wish I had taken pics but got caught up in the eating.  I just had a fajita party for 8 adults and 2 kids.  Simple and cheap.  Let's list the menu and break down cost.  We had fajitas, roasted green chilies and tomatoes, fried jalapenos, pappas  and cabbage and tomato, avocado salad.  We also had chips and fresh salsa but that does not count because it is kind of a pantry staple.  I bought the meat pre-marinated at my local Super Mercado (se 59th and Walker) don't be shy and try, try ,try.  There is a wide variety of meat cuts or parts that may be daunting but don't be afraid to experiment a little.  I bought 5 pounds of Fajita Nortena and 2 pounds of fajita chicken chunky things.  The skirt steak was 3.68 per # and had a wonderful flavor, the chicken chunks had the same marinade and peppers and onions for 2.68 per #.  I bought all my accouterments there at the mercado and fed everyone for less than 30 dollars.  It was over 100 degrees so I prepared the whole meal on the grill, fried the potatoes and peppers grilled the meat and sauteed onions.  Outside cooking done the easy way.  Guest provided refried beans and a mexican rice dish to finish out the meal.  A tall cold drink is required.