Friday, December 3, 2010


I feel that I have been lazy with my cooking and recipes.  I just really don't do fancy and I am not a chef.  I cook and I like to eat; sometimes we eat "high on the hog", but mainly it is easy, good food.  I eat tons of sandwiches. I think the humble sandwich is so under rated.  Think about your possibilities: different meats, cheeses, breads you can have it, hot, cold, or even grilled.  Oh, don't even let me get started talking about stuffed or pockets.  Tonight I want to remind you about tortilla wraps.

Grilled chicken wraps
1 pkg. jalapeno cheddar wraps
2 chicken breast (marinated)
4 pieces bacon
1/2 red onion
cheese (Your pick. I used Swiss and Provolone.)
Marinate your chicken overnight in Tuscan Italian dressing.  Grill chicken and slice on bias.  Heat wraps in skillet with a little of your bacon fat.  Assemble wraps like a burrito using the rest of the ingredients.  Enjoy.

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