Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chicken and dumplings

Okay, let me say YES and YES.  Yes it is worth making your own stock and yes it is good.  I start with a basic homemade chicken stock.  Homemade stock is easy and sets the tone for your recipes,  I should have already explained making stock since it is the base to build from, anytime I need to boil chicken I make stock and freeze it (3 months).  I used a frozen pre-made dumpling (Anne's Dumplings) that is great if you like that type, if not make your own gross, wet bread biscuit type dumplings; whatever but don't blame me when it is all doughy and such.  When cold weather rears its ugly head, I like big bubbling pots filled with warm goodness.  Try this recipe on a cold day and think warm thoughts.

Chicken and Dumplings
1 pkg. Anne's Dumplings
4 chicken leg and thigh quarters
1 lg onion
3-4 ribs celery
3 carrots

Put chicken in pot and cover with water.
Add onion skin and cut off ends, add celery tops and cut off ends.
1 tbsp. poultry seasoning
1tsp. salt
1tsp. pepper
1 tsp. garlic powder
2 bay leaves
Boil till chicken is cooked, remove chicken and let cool. Let stock simmer.  When chicken is cool pick bones, place meat in separate bowl.  Cut or break bones and add bones and skin back to pot.  Boil stock for at least another hour.  Strain stock into bowl and refrigerate, when cool remove fat.
That is your basic chicken stock.  Make it, use it, love it.

Chicken and Dumplings
Put  stock and chicken into pot, dice onion, celery and carrots and add to pot.  Bring to boil when veggies are done start adding dumplings.  Add dumplings (cut in half) and cook according to directions.
I like it to be thick you can change your viscosity by adding milk to thin or cold milk and cornstarch to thicken (1 cup milk + 1 tbsp. corn starch).  Let simmer and invite close friends to enjoy.  I served with fresh green salad but you're cooking you pick the sides.

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